Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finding myself in awkward situations is common...and I'm sure that you've experienced the same kinds.

The world is a funny place isn't it? We worry about so many things; what to wear, how to act, how to talk, and how to react. However, we can't possibly plan for everything. Isn't that what makes it so interesting? This blog is my openly-honest reflection of the sweaty palms, rosy cheeks, butterflies-in-the-stomache and overall awkward situations that I have gotten into, AND ones that people I know have been in.

Throughout my stories, I'm sure that you will occasionally nod your head in agreement or utter a "tisk tisk" here and there, but overall I hope that you'll laugh! Afterall, I'm sure that you have been in a similar bind, and can relate to the overall feelings that come about. Let me begin...

On the Open Road

I find myself getting in this situation occasionally. I'm in a rush (like every other person in the world), and I'm in my car trying to get to where I have to go...on time. It seems like whenever you're running behind while driving, you get stuck behind all the wrong people.

What starts out as being one or two minutes behind, quickly turns into five or ten. I'll try to pass someone whenever I can, with caution, but sometimes I can't guarantee the latter when I'm in a rush. I find myself (mildly) yelling for people to move, like they can actually hear me and will float off the road. I'm still waiting for that to happen.

But then I get my opening. I'm able to pass someone in a Honda that's older than Trump's toupee, and I take the opportunity. However, in doing so, I have to admit, I cut him off. In a split second decision, his feelings were at the bottom of my priority list. So he swerves, and I do the little hand-in-the-air gesture that tries to come off as an "I'm sorry about that pal" wave. Needless to say, he gave me a different gesture.

No sooner have I passed "Angry Pete", I've landed myself first in line at a red light. Immediately regretting my previous action...hoping to the heavens that my dear friend does not end up in the lane beside me. But did I mention I have bad luck?

As the rattling Honda approaches, I immediately try to sink down in my seat, as much as humanly possible without looking like a hobbit. I'm looking at the cieling of my car, pretending to adjust the heat, wiping a smudge off my window, and pretty much doing everything I can to avoid looking at the guy beside me.

I knew he was looking. I knew he was not smiling. I knew he wanted to present his gesture at a closer range. If it wasn't for my tunes at a considerably high-level, I may have even heard him yelling "sweet nothings" over my way.

But, just like this situation started (with his terribly slow, bad driving), I got to take advantage of his D+ skills. While he was so focused on trying to express his heated-rage towards me, he failed to notice the light had turned green and I took off and once again, got in front of him before he could even touch the gas pedal.

Can you relate?

On a related note, check out just how BAD people are at driving. It's unfortunate that most of these drivers are women.