Saturday, February 13, 2010

Canada's moment to shine turns awkward

Did you watch the opening ceremonies last night?

There were fantastic moments, and the entire show was quite emotional, powerful and overall beautiful.

When Wayne Gretzky, Steve Nash, Nancy Greene Raine and Catriona LeMay Doan were set up to light the cauldron inside BC place, an awkward situation kicked in, while the world watched in confusion. These four, prime Canadian athletes were each supposed to light the columns that would in-turn, ignite the main torch, indoors. As they stood there with their torches lit, there was an awkward silence, when nothing was happening. They were just looking into the crowds, standing there, waiting. It was then, during the broadcast, when Brian Williams announced "it seems that there's a technical difficulty..."

From news section of the Official Vancouver 2010 iPhone App:

"The Ceremony suffered a technical hitch when only three of the four columns, designed to support the temporary cauldron inside BC Place, rose from the ground."

That left speed skater LeMay Doan, out of the loop. How awkward. What was going through their minds at that point? "Okay guys, who's sitting out on this one?" That must have been embarrassing for her. Not only that, but it seemed like everything else in the show went off without a hitch, and the most important moment presents itself, only to deflate before our eyes.

Unlike the fourth column, hopefully Canada will "rise to the occasion" as the games begin today.


  1. I won't lie Gretzkys face during this opening ceremony was the most awkward part.
    I saw avatars of the face. gawd awful hahah

  2. I thought that the way that the producers of the closing ceremonies were very tactful in how they poked fun at the adsurdity of the technical glitch in the opening ceremonies! How very Canadian of them!
    It was a bit pathetic that they couldn't get the darn thing to rise up, but they did handle it pretty well. It may be remembered for a long time (the glitch itself) but it will also be remembered as being handled with grace and humour. Awkward, but funny all the same!