Monday, February 8, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried...

This happened to me about two weeks ago. I still giggle when I think of it. Talk about awkward.

I went into a convenience store to pick up a few things. When I got in there, a guy and a girl were in front of me at the counter. It seemed that the guy was having a problem with his debit card. He gave up trying, and said he'd just go over and get some cash from the ATM. "Card NEVER works here, man," he growled.

So the girl was still at the counter, and at this point, I couldn't tell if they were together or not. Two more men entered the store and got in line behind me. The girl starts to pay for her items. As if to answer my question, the guy at the ATM comes back and asks the girl if she paid for his stuff too. She looks at him with dopey eyes and says, "Uhhh no, 'baby', did you want me to? Was I supposed to?" "Forget it," he says.

As I'm standing here with these other men behind me, I'm starting to tap my foot, unknowingly, and contemplating about leaving. Yes, apparently I don't like waiting for 40 seconds in line...who does?

But that's not the point. Here is the point. As I'm scoffing, something catches my eye near the ground. The girl at the counter (who was just paying) has her back to me. She's wearing a puffy, gold Baby Phat coat, tight black jeans and these weird black boots. But what caught my eye, was what was protruding my the bottom of her jeans and draping down her right boot. I had to do a double-take. Could it be? Yes.

It was a white (with checkerboard accents) THONG. This girl had a thong hanging out the bottom of her pants. You're kidding me. At first, I kind of choked on my own breath and just started coughing to cover it up. Then I'm half coughing/half laughing. Meanwhile, in my head I'm thinking of what I should do, and also, about how gross it is. I mean, how did that even happen? Did it get tangled up in the laundry? Was this girl and her boyfriend just... and then wanted to get snacks? I had so many questions.

Without thinking at first, I reached out and almost tapped her on the shoulder to point them out to her. But I didn't. I realized, that this guy who couldn't work a debit card, was probably her boyfriend. Then I realized, behind me were now 4 other guys. So, besides me and her, the rest of the people in there were men. I would be humiliated to have a girl point that out to me, in front of a bunch of onlookers. I figured it was probably best to just leave it be. I was damned if I told her, and damned if I didn't. What would you have done?

I decided to just leave her be, not draw attention to it, and spend the rest of the day wondering WHY someone's underpants would be hanging out like that.

Can you relate?

Here's a clip about underwear from my favourite TV show of all time...


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  2. HAHAHA this is absolutely hilarious and beyond embarrassing! And can I relate? Yes, in a way, except, the girl was my friend and we were all together in a hotel room and not in public. Needless to say she was still embarrassed and we caught her out in a lie. So here it is...One crazy night in Victoria, BC my girlfriends and me had a few too many drinks downtown and long story short my friend ended up spending more time than not with a certain guy from the bar and didn't make it back to the hotel with us. We woke up in the morning and she still wasn't there. After showering and getting ready we could hear the sound of stilettos running down the hallway and we knew it was her. Through the door she burst laughing hysterically about the night she just had all while trying to deny anything had happened with mr. bar man. As she bent over to get something out of her bag we noticed and pointed out, a beige piece of clothing wrapped around her waist and half way up her back?? Sure enough it was her underwear, she had clearly gotten dressed in the dark and put both legs through the same leg hole and was now wearing her underwear as a belt...she couldn't deny her adventure after that!