Sunday, March 21, 2010

An awkward goodbye

As a farewell, I would like to leave you Letterman-style. Here are the Top Ten Worst Awkward Everyday Moments, according to the

Might I add, that every single one of these instances has happened to me, as I'm sure you can relate... enjoy!

1. Being stuck in an elevator

Elevators are enclosed small places that can trap people in and can make for awkward situations. For example, do you try to make small talk with the stranger? Or do you pretend like they are not there? Even just riding a couple of floors together can be uncomfortable

2. Reaching for the last item on the shelf

You spot the perfect gift and it's the only one left, but just as you go to grab it, somebody else reaches for it as well. How do you handle it? Let them have it even though you really want it? Try to reason with the other person? Flip a coin? This situation can get tricky, especially on a Black Friday.

3. Walking in on someone in the bathroom.

You walk into the bathroom and push open the door and much to your surprise somebody is already in there and neglected to lock the door. Now both you and the other person are embarrassed because entirely too much has just been shared between the two of you.

4. Forgetting someone's name.

It is a horrible feeling to have forgotten somebody's name. Whether it happens when you run into an old friend whose name escapes you or when you are trying to introduce somebody, forgetting who someone's name is always awkward and uncomfortable.

5. Your fly is open...

"Entourage" star Adrian Grenier has been spotted before with the age-old embarrassing moment of being caught with your zipper down. It can be almost as awkward to point it out to somebody.

6. Somebody sneezes on you

What do you say when somebody accidently sneezes on you? Are you calm about it and forgive them or do you give in to your emotions and flip out because the other person was incapable of covering their contagion? See comedian Dane Cook's routine about how he reacts when somebody sneezes on him in public.
7. Flatulence
 It is smelly and embarrassing, but flatulence happens. Good luck keeping your composure when you realize somebody has slipped one. First, try blaming nearby animals.

8. Embarassing emails
Ever checked your e-mail at work or in a public place and had something embarrassing pop up? Joke e-mails are entertaining in the right place at the right time.

9. Having something stuck on you

Have you ever sat on something or had something stuck to the back of your pants and you weren't aware of it? It's especially embarrassing not knowing how long it has been there

10. Going to pay and realizing you forgot your money

Not having any money on you can be helpless feeling, and it can happen to anyone. Walking up to the checkout counter at a grocery store and realizing that after you've checked all your groceries but have no form of payment? Ugh.


  1. I have been the person on the other side of number 3!!!! I locked the door!!! If it's closed people STOP PUSHING!!!

  2. I would also have to say walking into the men's bathroom (if you're a girl).. and probably if you're a guy, walking into the girls bathroom. This has only happened to me a couple times but the feeling is humiliating....

  3. haha. Katie, this situations are too funny. But I must admit i have been in at least 3 of those situations. I had an incident at Winners (we love winnerd dont we Katie?) and i put a jacket on hold, but i forgot to go back and get it. So they put it back on the sales floor. However i went back a couple days later and saw the jacket, as I was going towards it, the girl infront of me beat me to it and grabbed it! I couldnt let get away so i trailed her, and I asked her if she was actually really interested in buying because i want to buy it lol. thats how much i wanted it. Unfortunately for me she bought, and she made sure to find me to tell me she bought. sad but true. I think about it every now and then, ahha.

  4. When I worked in a law firm this past summer I would arrive at the same time every morning I must have entered the elavator everyday at the same time as this one guy. After a while it became awkward not saying hello as I assume I had spent at least 10 minutes with this man every week without a word. I don't know why but sometimes I would take the escalator 7 floors just to avoid this interaction, it was just awkward, lol.