Sunday, March 14, 2010


I work at a nice golf course, and enjoy playing the game as well. I'm always looking to bring people out to play a round, and introduce them to the course. The bonus is, that my guests get a great discount when I bring them out.

A couple years ago, I told a college professor of mine that he should come out and play the course with two other classmates and me. I offered purely just out of politeness. I wasn't actually interested in sharing a day with him outside of my school life...

A couple of weeks later, I got an email from him. He asked if he could play golf on Saturday, at that great guest rate that I said I could get. I felt so awkward, and didn't know what to say...I was completely shocked that he asked. I politely responded saying that I was actually working, so I wouldn't be able to play on Saturday. I said maybe some other time, and apologized.

What made it even MORE awkward, was his response. Let me paraphrase it for you:

"Katie, sorry for the confusion but I was implying that I wanted to come out and play with a foursome there. Not golf with you. Sorry about that. Is that deal still up for grabs?"

WOW. So, not only did I misinterpret the original question, I now CREATED the awkwardness that followed, by assuming he wanted to play golf with me, alone. I believe my face was beyond beet red at this point. Needless to say, I ended up getting him onto the course, by pulling some strings. I didn't particularly want to, but that's just how nice I am, I suppose.

Regardless, it made for a very awkward Monday class...

Since then, I have tried not to jump to conclusions, and re-evaluate questions before I submit a solid response. Can you relate?


  1. Ha ha ha! That is so funny. But I think that your professor should have been the one who felt awkward! Sheesh. "I don't care about you...just your discounts." Hmmmm. I once had a guy chatting to me in class once who mumbled something about being single and I said "oh sorry, I have a boyfriend." He said, "Oh I was asking if your friend is single." Awkward!

  2. Miss S... HAHAH! That's hilarious. Life brings us so many awkward situations, when you think about it. I still feel awkward around the professor, as I bump into him now and then.

  3. LOL This happens to me all the time. I kinda pick and choose what I want to hear and react then look back in retrospect and laugh at how up surd I reacted. That was definitely an awkward situation :S

  4. My best friend has been telling the same thing for years. He says, "it's not that your thoughts or experiences are so different than everyone else, it's the fact that you open your mouth and talk about them that makes you wierd."

    I love this website, it makes me feel not so weird.

  5. Katie,

    Please continue to jump to conclusions so that you can keep pumping out some hilarious instances.
    I know how you feel...
    I was staying in contact with a high school teacher during the summer at the end of grade 12 because he was editting my valedictorian speech. He included me in his SCHOOL CONTACTS and I got an invitation to a party he was throwing and replied 'yes' not to be rude. I found it strange that graduates a few years older than me were the only ones on the email list. We tried to make light of the confusion as best as possible through further awkward emails...