Sunday, March 7, 2010

Talk about BAD timing...

This story is 100% true. I'm walking with a classmate, across the college campus. It was a day or two after we got a heavy downfall of snow. As we pass our student council's building, I stop to point out some window painting "talent". Across the windows, the person painted "WHOOOOOO SNOWWWW", when in actuality, I knew they meant "WOOOOO", being excited for the white stuff. As I point this out, I realize that I need to take a picture to show my grammar teacher. I knew she would appreciate it.

Just then, as I'm holding up my iPhone and telling my classmate Kevin that I don't know if the letters will show up, two girls approach.
"You like the windows eh!" a girl with blue hair says.
"Uhhhh yea...." I start to say.
She cuts me off and says, "Thanks, I did them myself actually. The Student Council president just calls me whenever they'd like something done on the windows," the artistic girl boasts as she looks at her bored friend.
"Well... look at that," is all that I could say. When I really wanted to say was "don't quit your day job."
Kevin feeling equally awkward, says, "You did a really good job," as he fake-smiles.

While all of this is going on, I still have my arms extended to take the picture with my phone. I'm just holding my phone there, trying to justify what I'm doing, and yet hide it at the same time. The girl smiled and skipped away with her friend. "WHAT are the ODDS of THAT?" I yell to my classmate. We were laughing so hard, and yet, had to keep it down because the two girls were walking in front of us now.

For the record, the photo did not turn out well, because it was so cloudy out. Here it is, below. You'll notice I tried to show you where the paint was. I will admit, we all make spelling mistakes. However, I found it funny that this was so blatently wrong and displayed to the public, I had to share. The point of this story is the fact that out of thousands of students, the one person who painted it walked up to me. I still cannot believe this really happened.


  1. I actually think this post should be called "talk about Good Timing." This made me laugh.

  2. It is funny that you are telling this story here...Being a speaker of English as a Second Language, one of my "hobbies" is to pay attention to every little word, sentence, whatever I read, listen to or say. That same day...I also read that "painting talent word/sign" across the Student Council's window. However, I read, read, and read that several times to try to figure out what the person really meant by that. Unfortunately, my first thought (when I see something "impressive" like that) is always that "that sentence might have some kind of meaning that only Canadians understand" because I never want to think that people would write things that wrong on a College's window. And then, my second thought is that "it might be wrong". Thank you for letting me know that was wrong, and that it was not a code which only Canadians could understand. Thank you for always making me laugh in our classes.

  3. I think my favorite part of this story now is that the writing is still up there even though it has been really nice out and the snow has melted. I guess blue-hair girl hasn't been called in yet to update it for "Whoooo Spriinnngg"

  4. Haha this story is too funny. I remember the day you it happened and you just could not wait to share with the class. This story is a classic. I just read the post again because it makes me chuckle every time.

  5. Did you guys have the chance to observe what the window at the SAC says today? Someone has written another sentence, and the letter "N" is written the other way around. What a window! Every day an adventure!

  6. (laughing) you girls are a treat. Ms. Lopes, I am glad that I cleared up the confusion for you. Yes it is embarrassing to see things in public that are not spelled correctly.

    I am always anticipating a great written message for Spring, Lindsay.

  7. Katie I remember when you told our class this story and I couldn't help but laugh out loud at this, to be honest I think I even told my mom about this story and she laughed and said, "Only at Niagara College." You are hilarious and I definatly enjoyed the visual for this blog.